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More than 20 years of experience in the business world, you will immediately notice. What started with developing business applications for businesses large and small resulted in a specialist in digital technologies that still makes a difference to this day.

Quality Software

Gunter Fasoel

The founder of Quality Software, Gunter Fasoel,worked for years as an ICT consultant on automation

assignments at various financial institutions and multinationals, before making the move to his own company.

Soon Quality Software became a specialist in building tailor-made software for SMEs in various sectors.

After the banking crisis in 2008, the demand for integrations of proven standard solutions prevailed and the software shifted to the back plan.

Quality Software quickly expanded its expertise and experience in tailoring CRM and ERP systems and building connections and interfaces for effective and efficient customization integrations.

WeTech Belgium

The advent of new digital technologies was quickly embraced and inspired Gunter to create WeTech Belgium,together with a number of like-minded entrepreneurs. The focus? Bringing people and digital technologies closer together.

UNIZO Aartselaar

In addition to his commitment as vice-president of this organization, Gunter is also actively involved with self-employed persons and SMEs as chairman of UNIZO Aartselaar.

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